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About Us

Ortho Expert DOOEL is a wholesaler in the field of orthodontic materials distributors. The initiative for its formation was imposed by the top manufacturer of orthodontic materials FORESTADENT® in order to interactively bring the production of orthodontic materials closer to its orthodontic users.

Our vision is to raise orthodontics to a higher level through active contribution to continuous education and informing about all the novelties and current events in orthodontics.

Our goal is to provide orthodontists with a wide range of high quality orthodontic materials, which will guarantee the implementation of quality and precise orthodontic treatment.


Anyone who opts to use FORESTADENT products nowadays benefits from a level of accuracy that is unrivalled on the market. Why? The answer lies in our more than 111-year company history, which has been characterised by the creation of outstanding surface qualities and maximum precision from the company’s outset up to the present day.


Over generations, we have acquired complex technical expertise in relation to refining a wide variety of materials. We also have specific skills for making high-precision small parts. This experience acquired over several decades, extreme care and irrepressible innovative spirit make FORESTADENT products what they are today – unique.

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