“Tweemac – a new generation in orthodontics combining principals of classic prescriptions with TADS and a digital approach”

In the contemporary Temporary Skeletal Anchorage Devices (TSADs) Orthodontics, bracket prescription should be different from which is for conventional sliding mechanics without assistance of skeletal anchorages. To simplify the diagnosis and perform orthodontic treatment effectively with TSADs, we developed new bracket prescription called TWEeMAC prescription. A single prescription with ideal combination through integration of existing Roth, MBT, and Smile systems maximizes the benefits of clinically proven prescriptions and minimizes side effects leading to faster orthodontic treatment with natural smile arc. Clinicians combine the advantages of other clinically proven prescriptions through TWEeMAC: Roth (upper incisors as well as upper and lower molars), MBT (lower incisors, canines and premolars), and Smile Arc Protection (upper canines and upper premolars).

The TWEeMAC prescription can be used as an excellent tool for complicated orthodontic patients with vertical and transverse problems. Optimal TSADs selection and creative biomechanics such as C-tube microplate with biocreative reverse curve (BRC) technique for controlled mandibular posterior uprighting and palatal mini-plate for maxillary full dentition movement. In some patients with complicated facial asymmetry, the TWEeMAC prescription system further improves the results of dentition and facial harmony using TSADs assisted tissue bone borne maxillary expander and mandibular BRC technique without orthognathic surgery under general anesthesia. The newly adjusted buccal torque the tooth crown in the TWEeMAC Prescription – similar to the -25 ° to -30 ° torque in the Roth Prescription – reduces side effects during BRC technique such as crossbite and transverse discrepancy.

Audience members will learn specific clinical tactics and overall treatment protocols using TWEeMAC prescription brackets system with contemporary TSADs Orthodontics that will broaden their scope of treatment options like Noah’s Ark in the current post-Covid 19 orthodontic flood.


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