Passive friction – active control.

Meet the passive version of our proven
self-ligating BioQuick® metal brackets!

For gentle yet effective treatment progress BioPassive®

The BioPassive® bracket is the passive version of the active BioQuick®.

The slot of the bracket has been set significantly deeper and is thus larger. This provides greater clearance for the archwire and friction in the slot is greatly reduced. In combination with the flexible clip this allows for effective therapeutic progress during the initial phase of the treatment – using the gentlest of forces. The base of the BioQuick® is identical to the BioPassive® bracket and is a precisely fitting, anatomically contoured base. These were developed on the basis of an extensive study under which around 4,000 teeth from all over the world were recorded using 3D laser scan techniques and their natural curvatures examined. And the result is remarkable – the brackets can be positioned precisely and safely. Externally the BioPassive® brackets are differentiated from the BioQuick® brackets by a vertical mark on the mesial ligature wing.


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