QuicKlear® III
The new generation of our aesthetic Quick® family member.

For an attractive smile without attracting attention.
QuicKlear® III brackets. Quick, virtually invisible and
more comfortable than ever.

Perfected down to the smallest detail QuicKlear® III

QuicKlear® III self-ligating ceramic bracket

If you wish to experience highest aesthetics, best comfort and easy handling, you should get to know the QuicKlear® III self-ligating ceramic bracket. The aesthetic version of the popular Quick® bracket family has been optimized in design and application, and will bring a warm smile to patients and dental staff alike.

The third generation of the proven active brackets has several new features that are crucial for comfort and handling. For example, the QuicKlear® III is significantly flatter than its predecessor. In addition, body and slot edges of the translucent brackets have been considerably rounded for excellent intraoral comfort.

Also new is the wide, rectangular shape of the clip, which enables an improved transfer of forces as well as optimized control of rotation, angulation and torque. Due to the new clip shape, any notching of ligated arches is prevented from the start. In order to make the clip appear less reflective and less obtrusive in the mouth, the surface is now matt polished using a special manufacturing process. QuicKlear® III – the best choice for aesthetic, convenient and reliable treatment.


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